Patented designs for more reliable operation.

The high performance of our products doesn’t come out of the blue. A series of patents underscores our quality advantage, giving our customers an extra safety-plus; for example, our 4th generation filterfans or top-mounted DTT series cooling units.

“Trust the Original”: Inventor of the filterfans.

A variety of different conveyor belts use small electrical enclosures cooled by ambient air. Here, our series 4.0 εCOOL filterfans provide a safe and economic solution.

With flow-optimised fins and rotor blades, they enable maximum airflow with minimum energy consumption. Thanks to their patented fluted filter mat, they achieve IP 55 protection and a 300 % longer product life, which reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Combined with a thermostat, their efficiency is increased and only operates when active cooling is needed. Fitted with a weather-proof hood, they are also unaffected by high-pressure cleaners.

Top-mounted cooling units with 100 % protection from condensate.

Where space is limited, the innovative top mounted DTT series cooling units are the perfect solution. They fit all makes of electrical enclosures and feature a unique patented condensate management system, which completely protects the control electronics inside the electrical enclosures from condensate.

The units come in 3 sizes, 6 performance levels, and a stainless steel finish. Different optional filter media make them suitable for use in severely dusty or aerosol contaminated environments.

Through their use of powerful, lightweight components and the energy-saving switch mode (when using the optional Multi Controller), the top-mounted DTT series cooling units provide unmatched energy efficiency.