Cooling lubricant provision: maximum efficiency on a small budget.

A world leading manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems seeks a smart and cost-effective solution for a special production application. An existing system consisting of an oil tank and chiller system is to be expanded by 2 oil tanks. For budgetary reasons, acquiring 2 new chillers is ruled out.

Application requirement.

Provision of four work benches in total with cooling lubricants, reliable cooling from 3 oil tanks (capacities of 200, 300 and 800 litres) where 1 oil tank is already in place and connected to a chiller. Solution with maximum possible cost-efficiency.

The Pfannenberg solution.

Taking budgetary restrictions into account and making maximum use of the on-site circumstances, a customised, economic system solution was developed.

A central component is a chiller system dimensioned to meet the requirements and is located outside the building to enable better accessibility to main water. 3 water/oil heat exchangers were implemented, each used on one of the oil tanks, to complete the solution.

Special features of the system solution are:

  • A robust EB 190 WT chiller which can also be located outside if necessary.
  • 3 maintenance-free water/oil heat exchangers.
  • Maximum safety, energy and cost-efficiency.
  • Optimal long-term stability and reliability (maximum MTTF*).
  • Unsurpassed ease of servicing (minimum MTTR**).

*MTTF: Mean Time To Failure.
**MTTR: Mean Time To Repair.


The company benefits from an individual solution which proves to be very economical both in terms of its acquisition and in its daily use. To increase cost-efficiency even more, the chiller used so far was integrated into another application within the factory.

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