Built for harsh environments.

Acidic vapours occurring when canning fruit and vegetables, flammable hydrogen sulfide during meat processing, flour and condensation that are often present in bakeries – sensitive control technology needs to be protected from many factors.

With IP 56 protection, our maintenance-free series 3 cooling units satisfy the toughest environments. They are available with a corrosion protected hood in brushed stainless steel with epoxy-coated copper pipes and condensers; they offer reliable protection against alkaline solutions and acids. As a high-temperature model, they are also suitable for use in hot baking environments with temperatures ranging up to 60 °C.

In the meat processing industry, compact and robust Rack series chillers are responsible for cooling mixing chambers. They provide a space-saving stand-alone solution for the cold water supply.

Customised solutions.

In predominantly demanding testing areas, our maintenance-free εCOOL air/water heat exchangers and EB series chillers are both cost-effective system solutions which operate independently of the ambient air.