Industry 4.0 is now real. With cloud technology.

Increasing digitalisation opens new possibilities for controlling production plants and for machine to machine communication. As a global leader in the area of thermal management of electrical enclosures and process cooling, we are not only following this development, we are advancing it.
Together with Telekom Deutschland GmbH we provide the first cloud capable solutions for industrial thermal management: the εCOOL X-series cooling units. They are the leader of a new generation of products capable of communication and that demonstrating unrivalled efficiency values. This series, besides cooling units, also includes chillers.

Pfannenberg and Telekom Deutschland GmbH are pooling their knowledge for highly efficient cloud solutions.

Smooth exchange of data. 24/7 and all over the world.

How high is the temperature in the electrical enclosure? Is the fan working at its limits? Will maintenance work be necessary soon? The cooling units themselves provide the answers – in real time. Their communication with the cloud enables users and plant operators to retrieve status data, diagnosis statistics, and alarm statuses of the cooling units – regardless of location. After data is provided, integrate the information directly into applications.

Highest standards of data protection.

As a European market leader in the area of cloud applications, Telekom Deutschland GmbH provide secure systems for transporting and storing data. Via Modbus, the cooling units communicate with a GSM module, the integrated SIM card of which directly transmits the data via a safe mobile connection directly to the Telekom’s cloud server. Using a special website, the dashboard is where users can access current and past unit data 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

The cloud solution enables maximum flexibility of access without impairing the security of the internal network. It works independently of the IT systems on the side of the user and renders the access to the IT structure of the respective company unnecessary.

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