The more stable the working climate is, the longer the components last.

Electrical enclosures and their high-performance components are indispensable for the control of today's production processes. However, it is easy to imagine the consequences when sensitive circuitry and modules become overheated: systems shut down, creating the risk of production losses and the premature ageing of components.

To ensure that sensitive electronic components continue to function reliably in the long-term, the temperature inside electrical enclosures should not exceed or fall below defined limits. Tests have shown that an increase in temperature of as little as 10 K shortens the lifetime of electrical components by more than 50 %.

This exemplifies the effect of perfect thermal management of electrical enclosures – it prevents critical temperature fluctuations, avoids overheating and protects against the formation of condensates. In this way, it contributes significantly to increasing failure safety and prolonging the lifetime of electronic control units. 

Why thermal management?

The life expectancy of film capacitors decreases as the ambient temperature increases.

Too hot – too cold – too humid – broken. Protect your electronic systems against stress.

To be able to choose the most suitable thermal management solution, it is essential to start by considering the location of the unit and the ambient temperature. This is because the environment in the electrical enclosure can also be affected by weather conditions, solar radiation or other external heat sources.

Regardless of whether they are exposed to climatic or technical conditions, even particularly low ambient temperatures impact on specific thermal management solutions. This means that electrical enclosures may need to be heated to counter the effects of excess cold and the associated risks of condensate formation such as corrosion and short circuiting.

Another major factor to be taken into account is the ambient air quality – for example, if the air is excessively humid or dust, oil or gas laden.

Pfannenberg's thermal management solutions address all these factors and create exactly the right conditions that sensitive electrical enclosure electronics need: a stable operating environment that is ideally pitched.

Both internal thermal losses and external factors make thermal management necessary.

Why Pfannenberg?

Our cooling concept provides unique flexibility.

One cut-out, all possibilities: Our active cooling units, our air/air and air/water heat exchangers have identical cut-out sizes and fit into the enclosures of all cabinet manufacturers. This makes it possible to exchange the cooling technology easily at any time, such as after an update of electrical enclosure components or another adjustment to changed temperature conditions.

Machine and plant constructors, end users and distributors enjoy this flexibility and profit from high cost savings when equipping and modifying electrical enclosures

1 enclosure cut-out, 3 cooling technologies, 9 different devices – for unique flexibility and cost savings:

  • Construction of one standardised enclosure cut-out.
  • Selection of the appropriate cooling technology, also after completion of planning phase.
  • Easy exchange of cooling technology when temperature conditions change.
  • Easier to stock replacement devices for service cases.
  • Less time and money needed for service and maintenance due to Plug & Play technology.

The cut-out compatibility of our solutions enables a chance of cooling technology at any time.

Do you have demanding environmental goals? We accompany you there.

Raising productivity, reducing CO2 emissions and cutting costs – we are aware of the challenges companies are facing today. We offer a solution: εCOOL technology. Developed with the aim of maximum cost efficiency coupled with maximum performance, εCOOL technology represents a new standard for cost and energy savings in the thermal management of electrical enclosures. The result: it enables annual savings of over 35 % in energy costs alone.

εCOOL technology also sets records in ease of assembly and servicing, which brings further cost benefits. All units impress because they feature optimised MTTR* and MTTF** service factors, 1-person tool-less assembly in less than 3 minutes and a service and maintenance friendly plug & play system.

Produced out of robust sheet steel, Pfannenberg’s cooling units are extremely resilient and long-lasting in testing industrial operating conditions. Depending on requirements, they are available for traditional mounting on the door or side, for partially recessed door or side mounting and the space-saving top-mounted position. Colours can easily be integrated as well because the covers can be painted or powder coated all over to suit the particular industrial design.

Whether they need filterfans, active cooling units, chillers or heaters as individual products or for combined use – leading companies around the world benefit from the advantages of Pfannenberg thermal management solutions. You, too, can contact us for a solution tailored to your needs like no other system.

*MTTR: Mean Time To Repair
**MTTF: Mean Time To Failures

Cutting costs through energy efficiency & cutting costs through servicing ease.