P 22 DBZ / P 28 DMC / P 28 DMB

Panel mount buzzer
  • acoustic signaling device for 22.5 mm and 28.6 mm mounting holes
  • available with 2 different types of signals in one device (continuous and pulsating tone)
  • guaranteed high protection system to the housing
  • also available wih easily adjustable volume control (P28 series)

operating temperatur

P 22

P 28

EurAsian Conformity

Technical data

Electrical dataP 22 DBZ
Rated voltage24 V AC/DC48 V AC/DC115 V AC/DC230 V AC
Rated current15–30 mA
Electrical dataP 28 DMC948P 28 DMC201P 28 DMC301P 28 DMB530
Rated voltage48 V DC110 V AC230 V AC30 V DC
Functional range9–48 V30–120 V130–230 V5–30 V
Rated current5 mA @ 9 V 20 mA @ 48 V7 mA @ 30 V 40 mA @ 120 V20 mA @ 130 V 40 mA @ 220 V2 mA @ 5 V 20 mA @ 30 V

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Product Sheet

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Declaration of Conformity

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  • German
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EAC Certificate

  • Russian
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Ordering details

Ordering detailsP 22 DBZ
Rated voltage24 V AC/DC48 V AC/DC115 V AC230 V AC
Article number23270800000232707000002327015000023270100000
Ordering detailsP 28 DMC948P 28 DMC201P28 DMC301P 28 DMB530
Rated voltage48 V DC110 V AC230 V AC30 V DC
Article number23260700000232601600002326011000023265800000

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Options / Accessories

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Piezo buzzer with screw terminal connections

    High output device for local machinery status alerts

  2. 2

    22 mm or 28 mm standard mounting

    Diameter matches many common components. Ease of installation into control panel systems.

  3. 3

    Variety of signal types

    Continuous and pulsating tone.

  4. 4

    IP 65 device and mount

    With appropriate gasket. Wash-down capable.

  5. 5

    Volume adjuster

    Also available with easily adjustable volume control.