For intrinsically safe signalling devices in Ex applications.
Possible combinations: Zener barrier, IS-A105N sounder and signaling devices IS-Mini series.

Available as: Barriers to ground-based operations or as barrier for earth-free operation (e.g. for systems with ground fault test).

Technical data

Technical data for Zener barriers
TypeVersionRated dataTechnical data
VΩmax. Iongitudinal resistance (Ω)U in at 10 μA (V)U in max. (V)rated fuse current (mA)
Z 728Zener barrier DC +Ve2830032726.52850
Z 928Zener barrier AC283003272627.650
Z 786Diode barrier28Diode A136 + 0.9 V26.52850
A236 + 0.9 V26.52850
Z 787Zener barrier DC +VeChannel 12830132726.52850
Channel 228Diode36 + 0.9V26.52850

Further technical details, performance curves and dimensions can be found in the Download Section on this page under Product Sheet.


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TypeZ 728Z 928Z 786Z 787
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