IS-Mini series Sounders 100 dB (A)
  • very economical acoustic alarm
  • certified for use in Ex-Zones 0, 1 and 2!
  • compact design with a diameter of just 88 mm
  • sounder operated via certified zener barriers or galvanic isolators
  • 49 loud tones at 100 dB (A)
  • very well suited for fi re alarm systems and direct control due to low power consumption
  • self-synchronising sounder for clear tone perception
  • 2 different externally controllable tones
  • volume control
  • also available as mining-certified device (IM1 EEx ia)

Here you can find suitable zener barriers

protection system

operating between +60 / –40 °C

EurAsian Conformity

Technical data

Electrical dataIS-mA1
Rated voltage24 V DC
Operating range16 V – 28 V
Nominal current consumption25 mA (typical for connection to 24 V DC via 28 V / 300 Ω zener barrier)

Power must be connected via a zener barrier (max. 28 V DC, 93 mA DC, 0.66 W) or a galvanic isolator, specified by the system certificate.


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Product Sheet

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Ordering details

Ordering detailsIS-mA1
Rated voltage24 V DC
Article number32034800000

Article numbers for other voltages and versions on request.