Ready for any speed of labelling machines.

Labelling machines are used in the food and beverage industry. These apply labels to bottles and cans with great precision and at high speeds.

Maximum performance for high-speed processes.

Labelling machines are generally located in climatically stable environments; electronic components in electrical enclosures are cooled using powerful and energy-efficient 4.0 series εCOOL filterfans.Type BR 50 signal towers ensure reliable signaling of all process states. With a lifetime of over 50,000 hours, they provide a technically and economically optimum solution.

Quality control with no downtime.

Quantities and weights are checked and labels, closures and seals are inspected. These processes happen at high throughput rates, in fractions of seconds.

For this, compact cooling units in stainless steel  ensure reliable cooling of the sophisticated weight and quality monitoring control units.

To display process states accurately and trigger an alarm if necessary – integrated function-monitored status lights with a high IP protection system and audible alarms are used.

Security right to the end.

In the field of secondary packaging, cartoners and bulk packers are used. Compact series 3 cooling units are responsible for cooling the electrical enclosure electronics.

With IP 56 protection and a corrosion-free stainless steel hood, the maintenance-free units used in packaging processes prove to be significantly resistant to external factors.

Because of the weight and size of the moving parts, signaling devices with a high protection system are required. This is a specification which our Quadro F12 flashing light with IP 56 protection (IK08) fully satisfies.