Original filter mats

Pfannenberg filter mats guarantee safety against overheating, short circuit and fire.

The compliance with the specifications is crucial for your systems in daily operation.

Unplanned downtime costs money and endanger the safety of man and machine. Therefore consider using only original filter mats from Pfannenberg.

Overview no-name vs. Pfannenberg filter mats

Filter media No-name
fleece filter mat
fleece filter mat
fluted filter mat
Filtration class max. G2–G3 G3–G4 G4 ++
Filtration efficiency 65–90 % >90 % >90 %
Coarse particles
(e. g. wood chips)
Spray mist
(e. g. paints)
Very fine particles
(e. g. sawdust, cement)
Longer service life
(up to 3x longer)
Worth noting: Pfannenberg uses G4 class filter materials in most of its products.

Pfannenberg inside – the advantages at a glance.

  1. 1

    Exact compliance with specifications

  2. 2

    Guarantee of the warranty

    Increasingly more machine builders combine their warranty with the consistent use of original filter mats for Pfannenberg fans

  3. 3

    3 times longer service life

  4. 4

    All sizes available from stock

Ordering details: fluted filter mats (FF PF)

Product name Protection class Article number Dimensions (HxW) Supported products
FF PF 2x.000 IP 55 18611600034 116 x 108 mm PF 22.000, PFA 20.000
FF PF 3x.000 IP 55 18611600035 166 x 156 mm PF 32.000, PFA 30.000
FF PF 4x.000 IP 55 18611600036 212 x 200 mm PF 42.500, PF 43.000, PFA 40.000
FF PF 6x.000 IP 55 18611600037 279 x 264 mm PF 6x.000, PFA 60.000

Ordering details: fleece filter mats (FM PF)

Product namePieces / packProtection classArticle numberDimensions (HxW)Supported products
FM PF 1x.0005IP 541861160002987 x 87 mmPF 11.000, PFA 10.000
FM PF 2x.0005IP 5418611600030119 x 119 mmPF 22.000, PFA 20.000
FM PF 3x.0005IP 5418611600031170 x 170 mmPF 32.000, PFA 30.000
FM PF 4x.0005IP 5418611600032216 x 216 mmPF 42.500, PF 43.000, PFA 40.000
FM PF 6x.0005IP 5418611600033284 x 284 mmPF 6x.000, PFA 60.000


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Safety against overheating, short circuit and fire.

Use original filter mats from Pfannenberg to protect your components.

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