The right components for RECYCLING - machines & systems

Recycling is important for all of us, and that's nothing new. Preventing resource scarcity by reusing already processed materials is not only energy-saving, but also prevents the greenhouse effect and reduces pollution.

After disposal, waste is broken down into its individual recyclables in a recycling plant, which can then be reused individually as (secondary) raw materials. This is done through high-performance recycling applications. The machine drives and control & switch cabinets needed there require a wide variety of products for air conditioning.

The "classic" recycling materials such as plastic, glass, paper, wood or electrical waste are - to a large extent - subjected to similar process steps. Shredders, sorting plants, mills, rollers and briquetting presses are usually run through directly one after the other in stationary recycling plants, so that a smooth running of the machines must be guaranteed. To ensure that the complex switching devices can run safely and without malfunctions, they must be cooled. The thermal management must withstand the extreme temperatures and demanding environments as well as dust/polluted air.

This is where Pfannenberg's cooling products come into play!

The Pfannenberg solution - flexible to success.

Depending on the recycling process step, the focus is on other aspects. Conveyor belts are usually set up in a climatically stable environment, where the use of filter fans is usually sufficient. Incineration plants, on the other hand, usually must deal with heavily contaminated air. For this, we offer powerful and cost-efficient air/air heat exchangers. In order to be able to react to spatial requirements, these units allow both side mounting and space-saving partially recessed side mounting.

Especially our Green Series products contribute to suytainability. They use up to 50 % less coolant and 11 % less electricity. Customers can also choose between the standard IP54 variant or the IP55 variant. The Green Series is not only supportive for the environment, but also for you: easy installation and uncomplicated maintenance.