Wind energy: Highly efficient technology for an emergent industry.

The development of wind energy is advancing at a furious rate. It is a development we have been supporting for 15 years. The world‘s leading system manufacturers and their suppliers place their confidence in our innovative thermal management and signaling solutions.

Available in every region.

Plants in offshore wind parks are exposed to high humidity – reliable thermal management is provided by εCOOL air/air heat exchangers which hermetically protect the interiors of electrical enclosures from harsh environmental conditions. Protection against condensate formation is provided by the use of thermostats and hygrostats. They control humidity and temperature, also are combined with heaters or filterfans for electrical enclosures.

In almost all modern systems frequency converters are used. Air/water heat exchangers are the appropriate means of maintaining maximum availability of their sophisticated control electronics even at high ambient temperatures. The maintenance-free units made from corrosion-free stainless steel provide energy-efficient cooling, even when exposed to major dust and dirt contamination.

Innovation in very confined spaces.

To start up the rotor safely after a stoppage due to weather or maintenance, we have developed a compact, vibration-resistant fan heater. With performance levels ranging from 250 to 1,000 W, with a storage and operating temperature of –40 °C to +70 °C it delivers pitch regulation availability even under extreme conditions.

Where the air is contaminated with dust and sand, εCOOL 4th generation filterfans provide reliable cooling for the control units. Thanks to their patented fluted filter mat, they achieve IP 55 protection and a 300 % longer product life. Flow-optimised fins and rotor blades allow for maximum airflow and minimum energy consumption.

The foot of the tower houses, the control technology, and one of its functions is to regulate the torque of the drive train. The innovative DTT series top-mounted cooling units provide a space-saving and efficient thermal management solution for this application. The patented condensate management completely protects the interior of electrical enclosures against condensate and ensures maximum component availability due to its reliable cooling function.

Signaling and alarms.

Our extremely robust signaling solutions contribute to the smooth operation of wind energy plants – including obstacle warning lighting for aviation, state displays for the tower lifts and audible signals when starting up the plant and fire alarms.