• Fulfilling production needs - Studied to guarantee maximum versatility of production time and minimize the service time at the customer side, in a small footprint.
  • Easy installation - Plug&Play installation.
  • Easy integration in the machine design - The front air inlet allows the integration of the chiller inside the machinery, with the only need to leave the front and back side free.
  • Easy maintenance - Quick and easy replacement of the front filter.

Технические характеристики

DataCPC 1600
Rated voltage±1 %50/60 Hz AC
±10 %230 V
Cooling capacity (with pump)W18/A321.6 kW
Flow rate (pump)5 l/min
Pump pressure2.9 bar
Ambient temperature+10 … +45 °C
Water tank5 l
Dimensions (W x H x D)602 x 508 x 520 mm
Weight (dry)65 kg


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Product sheet

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Hydraulic diagram

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Информация о заказе

Ordering detailsConfigurationCPC 1600
Article numberBasic42190165001