Hamburg, Christening MSC Grandiosa

The christening of MSC Grandiosa took place on 9 November in Hamburg harbour. At 317 metres, it is the longest ship in the MSC cruise ship fleet to date.
Around 1000 of our Quadro flashing lights were used - 400 on top the cruise ship and 600 on the roof of the Elbphilharmonie.
At the same time the light artist Michael Batz let the harbour shine in blue light known from Hamburg Blue Port. The installation was carried out by the special company HG-Technik, along-time partner of Michael Batz. Further flashing beacons of the Quadro-R have already been ordered for future projects.

See short video about lightning test of the flashing lights on top of Hamburg's famous Elbphilharmonie below.

A dangerous job. The men from HG Technik installing Quadros on the roof of the Elbphilharmonie.
A breathtaking sight - flashing MSC Grandiosa after the christining in Hamburg harbour.