Software-supported planning and dimensioning of signaling devices in fire alarm systems

The right fire alarm can save lives. Especially in industry a well and efficiently planned alarm solution is very important. When planning and projecting, many details have to be taken into account. Not only standards and guidelines have to be observed, but also the alarm solution has to be planned effectively and above all economically.

Especially in large general contractor projects, the elaboration of an economical and standard-compliant alarm solution requires a great deal of time. However, acoustic and visual alarms are often planned on the basis of experience or gut feeling. During an inspection, this can quickly lead to non-acceptance of the system or the alarm concept and cause unnecessarily higher costs and delay the start of production.

Planning software offers support in the design of a fire alarm and helps to develop an alarm concept tailored to the system. The advantages of such a planning software are obvious: All standardizations and guidelines are already integrated, and a planning software gives security already in the planning phase as well as with the acceptance by an expert.