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Service support anytime, anywhere and within a few clicks?
Welcome the Augmented Reality App Acty!

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Acty - Augmented Reality Remote App

Everyone knows the problem when a machine of your thermal management system does not seem to work properly or is no longer working. You need service support immediately to fix the error or to know what needs to be done. It can take time until a service technician visits your site and identifies the problem. Especially when the production is located remotely.

To make these steps from a broken machinery to service support and a satisfying solution faster and as easy as possible, you now have the possibility to use our Augmented Reality App Acty to get the help of a service technician in a few clicks. With Acty we can support you to solve the problem on your own or initiate the reparation instantly.

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Why you should use Acty:

  • revolve problems faster and reduce downtime - malfunctions can be easily fixed by field personnel with the right instructions
  • have the support of an expert within a few clicks - just share your 9-digit-code with the expert to initiate a call
  • improve the quality of repairs - expert can explain procedures simple and with visual support 
  • save a lot of costs - we know from the beginning what the error is and can take care of a solution in a more targeted way

Data Security

Acty does not store sensitive data, such as names and company names or the location. Only pictures and videos taken during a call are stored in the cloud until the process is completed and cannot be viewed by third parties!

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