PMF 2030

All-round flashing lights 30 Joules
  • secure 360° alarm for large distances (indoors or outdoors)
  • extremely reliable and durable due to the use of state-of-the-art electronic components – no replacement of mechanical or electrical wearing parts necessary
  • reliable performance even under the toughest working and production conditions, e.g. possible voltage fluctuations, high ambient temperatures up to +55 °C, high relative humidity up to 90 %
  • mounting-friendly; large variety of mounting methods
  • bracket-mounting using solid stainless steel bracket or direct mounting with enclosed flat seal
  • maximum flash energy 30 Joules
  • good light bundling is achieved in the horizontal plane thanks to the lens in the form of a fresnel lens and the special xenon flash tube
  • very good perceptibility over great distances; low power consumption

protection system

operating temperatur

Pfannenberg 3D-Coverage

2030 (30J)

Indicate Warning Alert
A x B x C in meters

Technical data

Electrical DataPMF 2030
Rated voltage230 V AC
Rated frequency50 / 60 Hz
Operating range195 V – 253 V
Nominal current consumption140 mA - 450 mA

Choose a lens in one of the following colours: clear, amber, red, green, blue

Further technical details, performance curves and dimensions can be found in the Download Section on this page under Product Sheet.


Description Language Type Size Download

Product Sheet

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pdf 190 KB Download

Operating manual

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  • French
pdf 220 KB Download

3D-Model Bracket (IGS)

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zip 320 KB Download

3D-Model Direct (IGS)

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3D-Model Bracket (SAT)

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3D-Model Direct (SAT)

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3D-Model Bracket (STEP)

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3D-Model Direct (STEP)

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Declaration of Conformity

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pdf 290 KB Download

EAC Certificate

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Ordering details

Ordering detailsPMF 2030 direct mountingPMF 2030 bracket mounting
Lens colourRated voltage230 V AC230 V AC
amberArticle number2101010400021010104010
redArticle number2101010500021010105010

Article numbers for further lens colours and voltages on request.

Product Benefits

  1. 1

    Powerful 360° omnidirectional signalling

    for large distances (indoor and outdoor).

  2. 2

    Robust, solid-state design

    Xenon flash tubes are secured by a mechanical clamp and unlike rotating lights with motorised elements there is no risk of failure due to moving parts.

  3. 3

    Up to 30 Joule flash energy

    High energy impulse creates an intense light flash for effective signal coverage in large areas.

  4. 4

    Highly effective light beam

    Fresnel lens optics provide a brilliant horizontal light stream for long distance signal transmission.

  5. 5

    Exceptional performance

    withstands extreme temperatures and is safeguarded against potential voltage fluctuations.

  6. 6

    Very good perceptibility

    over great distances; low power consumption.

  7. 7

    Versatile mounting

    choose direct mount for flat surface installation or bracket mount for attaching to walls or pipes.