Case Study

HPP – liquid cooling solution for high pressure processing. Pfannenberg EB 400 WT units to cool process fluids.


HPP Italia is the first Italian company dedicated to offer the food processing industry the HPP method – High Pressure Processing.
This innovative technology is already widespread in the US while in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America there has been a growth in the supply and demand, due to a growing awareness among food business operators regarding the benefits of using high pressure technology instead of traditional pasteurization techniques. High Pressure Processing brings the advantage of providing food products that maintain unaltered their organoleptic characteristics in terms of aroma, color, texture, flavor and nutritional properties. At the same time it ensures the maximum in terms of food safety and allows a significantly longer shelf life.

Facts at a glance.


  • Cool both process fluid and pumps for a high pressure processing machine.


  • Food and beverage latest processing technology for safety without heat and preservatives.


  • N. 2 EB 400 WT chillers

Success factors

  • High quality products.
  • Detailed sizing support.
  • Service and technical support.
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Case Study HPP

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