Case study

TALENS - Thermal management of control cabinets AND processes in laser hardening machinery.

Everything from one single source: 1 customer, 2 different cooling applications, 1 supplier.

Laser technology can be applied to harden or soften several components in a broad range of industries. TALENS XR660 is a machine that can be configured to process different sizes and types of parts for the automotive industry, e.g., gears, crankshafts, transmission components, camshafts. Engine components can be laser heat treated locally, defining the specific areas to be affected and avoiding thermal deformations. All integrated in a turnkey solution that gives you the maximum flexibility for a wide range of parts in one machine. TALENS XR660 needs a cooling unit for its control cabinet and two chillers for the laser source and optics.

The customer

TALENS Systems, a member of the ETXE TAR group and world leader in flexible crankshaft manufacturing is a Spanish enterprise committed to development and commercialization of turnkey solutions for laser applications. TALENS first success case was to develop a laser hardening application of bands for the crankshaft. With this knowledge and the machine engineering support from ETXE TAR, its staff is opening new frontiers, not only expanding the applications possibilities of laser surface heat treatment, but also introducing new processes based on laser technology.

Facts at a glance


  • Thermal management of both control cabinet and processes.


  • Laser hardening of bands for the crankshaft.


  • Cooling Unit DTS 6401 (DTS 3241 in UK and US)
  • Chiller EB 250 WT UL-CUS
  • Chiller EB 44 WT UL-CUS

Success factors

  • worldwide service and support
  • wide cooling units portfolio
  • one single supplier
  • flexibility of customized chillers solutions
Solution: TALENS XR660 machinery is equipped with 2 Pfannenberg chilllers and 1 Pfannenberg cooling unit.
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Case Study TALENS

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