Function-monitored LED light for safety-critical applications
  • Function-monitored  The function-monitored PY L-M-M ensures more safety in sensitive applications where a signal must be sent to an external safety system, operating station or control centre in the event of a malfunction.
  • Selectable signaling modes  No matter which signaling mode is required - you are able to choose the one that fits to your needs.
    • continuous steady on light (permanent warning or indication)
    • blinking light (highly efficient for permanent warning)
    • flashing light (higher perceptibility in alarm conditions)
  • Selectable blink & flash frequencies  Adaptable to all your applications - select the frequency your gadget requires and boost the perceptibility.
  • Multi-voltage-power supply  Plug and play - made to connect with different voltages. No need to stock various units - PYRA® LED adapts to most machines and applications no matter the voltage!
  • Panel mount installation  Smart, modern and 360° visible - fully integrable into the design of your machine and equipment! The pyramid-shaped lens has ideal radiation characteristics and ensures all-round visibility.
  • 3D-Coverage - Outstanding coverage area. Achieve maximum effectivness with signaling devices from Pfannenberg. Find out more.


protection system


impact-proof housing

brightness adjustable

operating temperature

UL approved

EurAsian Conformity

connector (optionally)

Couverture 3D Pfannenberg

Size of visual coverage (A x B x C in meter)

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The figures shown are mainly for a quick orientation. For an individual and precise interpretation please use Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Caractéristiques techniques

Electrical dataPY L-M-M
Rated voltage115/230 V AC120V DC24V AC12-48 V DC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz-50/60 Hz-
Operating range95–265 V108-132 V21.6-26.4 V10–60 V
Rated current consumption (max)18 mA @ 230 V AC18 mA @ 120 V DC80 mA @ 24 V AC63 mA @ 24 V DC


Description Type Dimensions
Conformity_CE_085506679_Rev03_Mar24_PY L-x.pdf pdf 35 KB Download
Conformity_UKCA_085507032_Rev01_Mar24_PY L-x.pdf pdf 26 KB Download
Supplement sheet PY L-M-M pdf 63 KB Download
QUICK GUIDE PY L-M (A) pdf 1,3 MB Download
MANUAL PY L-M(A) pdf 2,4 MB Download
Description Langue Type Dimensions Téléchargement

Product sheet

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3D-Models (IGS, SAT, STEP)

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zip 3,3 MB Téléchargement

Declaration of conformity

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pdf 47 KB Téléchargement

EAC certificate

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Pin assignment of optional M12 connector

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UL certificate

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Détails de commande

Ordering detailsPY L-M-M
Base colourLight/lens colourRated voltage115/230 V AC; 120V DC12-48 V DC
GreyYellowArticle number2155364300421553813004
GreyAmberArticle number2155364400421553814004
GreyRedArticle number2155364500421553815004
GreyGreenArticle number2155364600421553816004

Other article numbers on request. Available lens colours are red, amber, yellow, green, blue and clear. Available standard base colours are grey and red.

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