Warning – a case for both technologies.

The "Warning" type of signal requires careful assessment of the light technology to be used. The requirement is to warn people of potentially dangerous situations; in a production environment, this might be the signal that a machine is starting up. In any case it must be ensured that the signal triggers the desired reaction in the user: to monitor and/or to intervene.

LED signaling devices are suitable for applications in which there is direct visual contact with the light. Furthermore, because they are robust, LED signaling devices can also be used where they might be subjected to mechanical forces such as impact and vibration. Xenon technology on the other hand is recommended in environments in which the warning signal needs to be emitted over as broad an area as possible, such as outside areas on industrial, commercial or private property.

Xenon signaling devices are also used where widely fluctuating light levels can affect the perceptibility of LEDs.



What is signaled in the "Warning" category?

  • Attention, critical status – proceed with care
  • Be ready to act
  • A dangerous situation can arise if no action is taken
  • Intervention is required within a reasonable period
  • Warning of harm to health or financial losses
  • Process is operating outside of the normal range but still within an acceptable error range
  • A change has been made to a Status