PA L 5

PATROL sounder/LED combination max. 107 dB(A) / 23 cd

Compact multifunction sounder/light combination with wide signaling area. Ultra bright with an excellent perceptibility.

  • Numerous tones selectable – A numerous selection of different tones for all kind of applications always ensure the best coverage
  • External tone selection – A maximum of four different tones can be switched by an external controller in just one device for different situations.
  • Selectable optical signaling modes – No matter which signaling mode is required - you are able to choose the one that fits to your needs.
    • continuous steady on light (permanent warning or indication)
    • blinking light (highly efficient for permanent warning)
    • flashing light (higher perceptibility in alarm conditions)
  • Selectable blink & flash frequencies – Adaptable to all your applications - select the frequency your gadget requires and boost the perceptibility.
  • Selectable colour (RGB version only) – Not sure about the colour yet? One light for all your needs! Choose the colour you require. Stay flexible and keep your stock to a minimum!
  • Safe and easy to install – Various beneficial attributes as e.g., electrical connection in the base box. locking elements outside of the sealing or anti-twist protection of the housing parts make an incorrect installation virtually impossible.
  • Rapid mounting – PA L 5 has several advantageous characteristics like e.g., captive and in its position fixed locking elements. Therefore, it is more than simple to mount and keep the assembly time to a minimum.
  • Economic efficiency – Due to an extremely high efficiency and good penetration of acoustical obstacles you can significantly reduce the number of devices.
  • 3D-Coverage - Outstanding coverage area. Achieve maximum effectivness with signaling devices from Pfannenberg. Find out more.

multi colour LED (option)

protection system


UL approved

impact-proof housing

operating temperature

brightness adjustable


EurAsian Conformity

connector (optionally)

Cobertura 3D Pfannenberg

Size of acoustical coverage (A x B x C in meter)

80 dB (A) 85 dB (A) 90 dB (A)
Área de cobertura con tono DIN y niveles de sonido requeridos.

The figures shown are mainly for a quick orientation. For an individual and precise interpretation please use Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Size of visual coverage (A x B x C in meter) single colour LED

Indicación Advertencia Alerta
Para visualizar otros valores haga clic en el campo BORRAR SELECCIÓN. Ahora seleccione los colores de lente o los niveles de alarma deseados.

The figures shown are mainly for a quick orientation. For an individual and precise interpretation please use Pfannenberg Sizing Software (PSS).

Datos técnicos

Electrical dataPA L 5
Rated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24V AC12-48 V DC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz-
Operating range195–253 V95-127 V21.6-26.4 V10–57 V
Rated current consumption light (max)36 mA @ 230 V AC51 mA @ 115 V AC167 mA @ 24 V AC120 mA @ 24 V DC
Rated current consumption sound (max)16 mA @ 230 V AC30 mA @ 115 V AC150 mA @ 24 V AC70 mA @ 24 V DC


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QUICK GUIDE PA L 5 pdf 880 KB Download
MANUAL PA L 5 pdf 2,9 MB Download
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Product sheet

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3D-Models (IGS, SAT, STEP)

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Declaration of conformity

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EAC certificate

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UL certificate

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Detalles del pedido

Ordering detailsPA L 5
Base colourLight/lens colourRated voltage230 V AC12-48 V DC
greyRGB - all colours/whiteArticle number2335310805523353638055
redredArticle number2335310500023353635000
greyyellowArticle number2335310305523353633055
greyamberArticle number2335310405523353634055
greyredArticle number2335310505523353635055

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