Ex-ATEX LED lights

Most flexible, ultra-bright RGB multi colour LED technology certified for Ex-Zones 2 and 22.

• Explosion proof – Made to be used in potentially explosive areas in zone 2 (3G) according to EN 60079-10-1 and zone 22 (3D) according to EN 60079-10-2.

• Selectable Colour – QUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D permits to choose the colour you require with just one product. Stay flexible and keep your stock to a minimum!

• External colour & mode control – Whether operation, error indication or any other status – with QUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D you can state several situations with only one light. Feel free to choose and change colour and mode easily by remote control!

• Selectable blink & flash frequencies – Adaptable to all your applications – select the frequency your gadget requires and boost the perceptibility.

• Multi-voltage-power supply – Plug and play – made to connect with different voltages. No need to stock various units - QUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D adapts to most machines and applications no matter the voltage!

• Flexible range of applications – Whether for indoor or outdoor use, for industrial applications or as a stack light replacement – QUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D can be used for numerous applications.

protection system

impact-proof housing

brightness adjustable

operating temperatur


Couverture 3D Pfannenberg

Size of visual coverage (A x B x C in meter)

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Caractéristiques techniques

Electrical dataQUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D
Rated voltage115/230 V AC12-48 V DC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz/--
Operating range95–253 V10–57 V
Nominal current consumption (continuous light, red)25 mA @ 230 V AC41 mA @ 24 V DC


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Conform. Quadro LED-RGB-3G/3D pdf 62 KB Download
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Quick Guide Quad LED-RGB-3G/3D pdf 710 KB Download
MANUAL Quadro LED-RGB-3G/3D pdf 1,3 MB Download
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Product sheet

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3D model (IGS)

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3D model (SAT)

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3D model (STEP)

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Type Examination Certificate

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Détails de commande

Ordering detailsQUADRO LED-RGB-3G/3D
Light/lens colourRated voltage115/230 V AC/DC12-48 V DC
RGB - all colours/whiteArticle number2110964800921109638009